31 January 2011

A story well-written

(Picture taken pre-Sofia)

Tonight, my family said goodbye to some dear friends. Tomorrow is the day that Jeff and Kim and their children will start a very new chapter in their lives. They will be leaving the church where Kim was saved and the two of them were discipled. Jeff will be leaving a good job in which he was successful. After acknowledging that God had given them a desire to serve Him in a fuller capacity, and after spending much time in prayer, they decided to follow God's leading and leave a "comfortable" spot in life to enter a more challenging place in ministry.

There is a backstory here, however. Kim was born in South Korea. She was lef
t at a police station when she was just a baby. However, she and a family in New Jersey who wanted to adopt were very blessed to find one another.

Fast-forward almost thirty years later. After she and Jeff were married, they moved to our little town and began attending our church. By this time, they had a baby, and Jeff, who was saved, wanted to find a church for their family. It was during this time that Kim realized that she needed a Savior. Kim was gloriously saved! And I mean gloriously. I have never seen someone grow so quickly in Christ! Interestingly, before Kim was saved, Jeff and Kim thought they would be content with one child. However, in a relatively short amount of time, after she was saved, their little "herd" grew to two, and then thr
ee. And I have heard Kim say several times what a blessing and joy her children are to her! And now, God, in only the way He can work, has lead this couple to become house parents to a WHOLE GROUP of girls at a Christian children's home.

Don't we serve an awesome God? I love how He puts such loving thought and care into writing every detail of a life's story. When we choose to follow HIS plan, these are the kind of stories we can have! They are lives that glorify Him, foremost, but are, oh, so fulfilling to the one who chooses to let God design the plot.

I will miss having playdates with Kim and the kids, going to each other's houses for dinner, and chatting at church (the few times that happened -lol - with our roving bands of rugrats!) But I'm so excited to see how God will use them in the coming days!


  1. beautiful! I'm going to miss them so much!

    I pray she gets on the internet to see this herself. :)

  2. This was so sweet and encouraging! Kim gave her testimony the year I spoke at Hilltop's ladies' getaway, and I was so touched!! It's wonderful to hear how God has continued to work. May God bless them abundantly!!

  3. Sarah, I emailed it to her:) I've been pestering her to start a blog after she gets settled. I'd love to read it!