04 February 2011

The Chihuahua

Meet Addie. Also known as The Chihuahua. What would warrant such a name, you may ask? Well, these are the kinds of things Addie does:

She slobbers on her Daddy's suits.

She whines so we'll give her food.

She has chewed on our furniture. (More than my boys ever did, by the way!)

If you look closely, you can probably see the chew marks!

She used to crawl under the table while we were eating dinner. That's when we found out she was eating the boys' crumbs off the floor - not to mention eating the scraps they would slip her under the table! We quickly put a stop to that!

Hence, Daddy started calling her The Chihuahua. And then we started confining her to a highchair during meals (or hypnotized her with PraiseBaby).

Well, this morning she continued to live up to her nickname. This is what I found her doing.

I think this photo definitely captures her "personality"!

She was very proud of herself. I, on the other hand, was not very impressed with her new-found ability to shred Kleenex! (I took her back over to the scene of the crime and told her "No, no, no!" Then I took a picture of her in front of the evidence. Sending mixed signals, maybe?)

But unlike the first and last dog that we had (Tex, for those of you who remember that rascal), we've decided to keep our little Chihuahua. Maybe the next stage will be that one that involves sitting quietly and looking at books, loving on her babydolls, and sitting beside Mommy and coloring. I've heard there are other little girls that do this. A little far-fetched for our Addie? Maybe. Oh, well. Like I said, we think she's a keeper. :)

Working on a quiet and non-destructive activity....