08 February 2011

Overheard in the tub

Thomas + Daniel + bathtub = lots of talking.

My boys talk ALL the time, like any 6 and 4 year old, but usually it's directly to me. That's why sometimes I just stick them in the bathtub together and leave. Okay, I know the bad mommy siren just went off in some of your heads. HOWEVER, my house is small, and I stay right around the corner in the kitchen or the living room. And as loud as they are, I can hear that no one is drowning. So, with that disclaimer out of the way, these are some of the things I overheard tonight:

"Thomas, do ALL Indians have weapons?"

Then Thomas, who apparently is an expert on the history of the American Indian, launched into an explanation of just which Indians carry weapons and exactly what kind of weapons they carry. The conversation then became much too technical, and then downright silly, for me to record.

After that discussion, Thomas decided that it was time to explain to Daniel how to wash off. I then heard Thomas say, "Do it like this and then you'll be clean as a whistle!" Clean as a whistle? Where on earth did he hear that? Sounds to me like he's been watching too much Little House on the Prairie with Grandma Russell!

And after that episode, Daniel decided that he was done with bathtime. I then heard him say rather loudly, "I'm ready to get out. We've been in here for HOURS!" Oops. Facebook was interesting and the couch was comfortable. No, really. They had been in there for all of twenty minutes. The water was still warm. But apparently, they were done conversing over poofs and bath soap.

Oh, the things you can learn when you eavesdrop!

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