02 August 2011

Cousin Fun

The cousins came to visit from Oklahoma. And according to my kids, summer fun doesn't get much better than this. All the cousins at Grandpa and Grandma's house, trips to Marbles Museum and the beach, ice cream sundaes, and catching lots of bugs. And, of course, a good fight or a good cry here and there just to let off some steam - the method chosen depending on whether the participant catches bugs or wears bows.

So, here's some pictures of our cousin fun.

This picture is rather true to life.

Savannah and the water. This activity ended in two soaked little girls and the end of our day at Marbles!

Addie in the mini-garden at Marbles.

The boys and duck races.

Colton, Daniel, and the Cricket. Daniel longs for the day when he'll have his own pet. So he tries to satisfy his longing with pet bugs. It's really sad! :D

Some cousin love.

More cousin love.

And Addie's had enough.

All in the same evening, from crying to laughing so quickly!

The next few pictures deserve a little more explanation. We went to the beach for a day. And being the spontaneous women that we are (hahaha! if you know me), we took off without checking the weather. The ocean was the roughest I have ever seen it, and we experienced what felt like a mini-sandstorm! But we were not to be deterred! We made those kids have fun! Okay, so not really. The girls weren't so thrilled. But the boys couldn't have cared less! They had fun playing at the very edge of the ocean, while I looked on nervously; playing in the sand; and throwing our belongings at the twenty-odd seagulls that tried to attack us as we ate lunch. On a positive note, we got a kick out of being the lunchtime entertainment for our fellow beach bums. It definitely gave us something to laugh about!

At the end of the day, Thomas tried to get away from the flying sand.

Calling it a day!

Now, we'll have to start planning our Fall version of Cousin Fun! Suggestions welcome. :)

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