14 July 2011

The Submarine

When he was a baby, he was called "Tank." He really was quite a solid little thing.

Today he acquired a new nickname: "The Submarine."

On the last day of swimming lessons, Daniel got to show us everything that he has learned. He can jump in, surface, and start swimming. He's also starting to swim on his back a little bit. But we really enjoyed watching him swim freestyle for several yards. Until he ran out of breath. That's when the instructor told him he was a submarine. And apparently Daniel, formerly known as Tank, took that as a compliment. Because when my mom and I told him what a good job he was doing, and that he was just like a little fish, he emphatically told us he was not a fish. He was a submarine. I guess that does sound a little more manly and tough than "a little fish."

Daniel, the Submarine, swimming to his instructor

And, of course, celebrating the Submarine and his success at swimming lessons is always a good excuse to visit Sherry's Bakery. The place that can help us look like a family of submarines.

All in all, Daniel really did love swimming lessons - and improved quite a bit! I love the fact that every day when I peeked through the window to check on him, he was smiling - while he was swimming. I love my happy little submarine!

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