07 July 2011

Already Seven

He's already seven.

Just a few, short years ago, he had chubby cheeks and legs.

Those chubby little legs would run as fast as they could to follow after Daddy so the chubby little hands could help.

And now he's seven. He can put his own toys together.

He can play first base.

He can read stories to his brother.

Once he decided to start moving and talking (he was rather laid back concerning both), he became quite the little worker. This year, he tried hard (most days) to finish his school work, and loved to report to me how far he had gotten (especially if he could get to the craft or game time at the end). He decided that he wanted to be better at catching the baseball - so he practiced and practiced, and ended up playing first base for most of his games. He loves his brother and sister - enough to get an extra piece of candy for Daniel if he falls asleep in church on Sunday night; and enough to worry about Addie in the yard, the parking lot, the grocery store, the church lobby.... (But at least he loves her!)
With his brother and his buddies at his birthday party

We love our seven-year-old Thomas!

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  1. Happy Birthday Thomas! We love you too...love The Coats Family