09 April 2012

So Far in April....

We have had the best month so far!

A trip to Florida...

Stopping in to see good friends...

A nice visit with Travis's Grandpa...

Legoland (which deserves a post of its own)...

And a new little niece!

Here's a picture story of what we've done so far.

the Huff and Moots kids

So glad I got to see Kim! She and Jeff gave us the tour of Hope Children's Home.

We celebrated with cake and ice cream on Grandpa's 82nd birthday. I chose this particular picture of him because it captures his personality so well (sarcastically saying something about my camera and me reminding him of his daughter-in-law!).

This little stinker jumped in the picture at the last second. She is a camera hog!

At Jungle Gardens in Sarasota

Addie meets Aubrey


  1. what did you think of Hope Julie?

  2. Amy, we thought they have a nice campus and the new cottages look like they're going to be very nice. We didn't see any of the kids bc it was supper for the little ones and the teens were at a conference.