21 December 2011

Redneck Lights - Cadillac-Style

So, this year we once again rounded up some friends to go see the Meadow Lights. This is a tradition that our family (okay, probably the kids and I more than Travis) looks forward to every year. Sure, the Meadow Lights are a bit redneck - a tiny community, most likely all related, in the middle of nowhere, decorates their homes and front yards, and stocks up the Meadow Country Store with lots of John Deere items and old-fashioned candy. AND they set up a train to take you through the display of lights (including a lighted #3 car)! It may be redneck, but it's fun!

So the tradition of Meadow Lights that we started even before we had kids has now morphed into a family tradition that includes other families.

And as you can see, we include lots of kids.

And as you know, it's much more fun to ride TOGETHER. Even if it includes lots of laughing, LOUD, (crying) young'ins. Did I mention crying and whining? Just wanted to be sure. We have a couple of those, too. But at least we're together.

So our friend, Chris F., solved that problem for us.

When we stepped outside, this is what was waiting on us. Think the kids were excited?

And since we had extra room, our favorite neighbor's kids got thrown in, too. What's a couple more?

It was fun having Zachary and Mary with us this year, too!

And this outing would not have been complete if someone had not begged to stop and use the bathroom. Unfortunately, her timing was bad. The line to get into the parking lot was long, and we WERE in the middle of nowhere. However, the confidence and speed with which Zachary helped her complete this task were completely amazing. No doubt, he's a pro.

Another completely amazing fact: The four of us were able to fit on one seat on the train. "Were able" might not be completely accurate....

The dads, Zachary, Chris, and Travis, were great! They spent alot of their time standing in a long line with small children hanging off them. They did, however, somehow find a way to leave the line and get snacks and drinks (victuals for the women and children, of course).

The kids ate LOTS of candy...

...got all sugared up...

...and then it was time to go back home...


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  1. We went this year too! Not sure we'll go again, but the kids did enjoy it.

    You should've gone around and looked at houses as well!