02 December 2011

Go Color That Floor!

Last week, while I was lazing around on my in-law's couch after our very good Thanksgiving meal, I came across an absolutely ingenious idea in one of the magazines that my mother-in-law keeps around for me. (At least that's what I tell myself. Maybe she's just busy and hasn't had a chance to read them yet.)

One of those super-housewifey people (Heloise, maybe?) informed us faithful readers that a crayon is the best way to take care of scratches on laminate flooring. Who knew?!

Now, I first must say that we put laminate flooring in our house about four years ago. And believe it or not, even with three kids, it has held up unbelievably well. At the time, I was skeptical about putting down laminate because I was afraid it would look cheap. But my husband informed me that economically speaking, that is the best choice for a house the size of ours. Well, he was absolutely right. And to tell you the truth, I have loved the floor. Easy to clean. Makes our space look bigger. What's not to love?

So today, while I was cleaning, I remembered that trick I had read about, and I got so excited! So I ran and got Addie's big fat brown crayon out of her pink pencil box and went to go color in the few scratches that it's gotten. No sooner had I finished it up, when Addie came running over with her GREEN crayon yelling gleefully, "Color on the floor!"

Whoops! I had gotten so caught up in fixing those scratches that taking note of who was following me around never even crossed my mind!

So then I spent the next five minutes reiterating over and over, "No coloring on the floor. Only mommy can color on the floor." And she would repeat back "Only mommy." Yes, only mommy.

So, if you're like me and need a quick fix for some scratches on the laminate, go grab a crayon. It really works. Simply rub off the excess with a paper towel.

Just make sure you do it when no one's looking.

My little helper

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