13 June 2011

Two-day Read

I love to get my hands on a new book! I'm one of those people that looks forward to plopping down on my little corner of the loveseat, propping my feet up, and reading a good book. Of course, this happens AFTER the kids go to bed or on a Sunday afternoon. Otherwise, it's pointless. While trying to concentrate on what I'm reading, my thoughts are intercepted and taken to the realm of Star Wars. Little boys want me to have analytical conversations about Obi Won, Yoda, and droids. I'm sure I didn't spell those correctly, but it just goes to show how Star-Wars ignorant I am. I do alot of nodding, "Ohhh!"s, and "You'll have to ask you Daddy about that." (I really try to emphasize Daddy in these conversations!)

So, anyways, now that you know how tired I am of Star Wars, let me tell you about a book that I LOVED! It's Beth Moore's A Taste of Believing God. Apparently, she has a full-length book called Believing God, but this one is less than 70 pages. A good two-day read. I downloaded mine from ibooks because it was so cheap ($1.99). That's probably part of the reason I was so pleasantly surprised how good it is! Over the last couple of years, I've been much more aware of how the Lord is growing my faith. In light of that, this book was a treat to read. Here's a little excerpt :

"Beloved, we can't presently and actively serve God in our day-to-day challenges if we are not presently and actively in His Word....Further, liberty in Christ becomes a reality in life through knowing and applying God's word, not just taking our Bibles to church or keeping them on our nightstands." (p. 62, ibook)

So much truth right there! This little book was definitely an encouragement to me - it challenged my thinking in a couple of areas and reminded me of truths that I must keep close to my heart.

Here's a link to Amazon if you're interested in checking it out.

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