09 April 2011

Shootin' with Sam

On our last day in Oklahoma, we did something that made us feel like we really belonged. You know, like we were just one of the locals. We went target shooting.

Sam, a certified gun safety instructor, taught the boys and me HOW to shoot a gun and how to SAFELY shoot it. The boys loved it! ( So did I!) So here's a few pics.

Thomas is now asking when he can go hunting. We'll see if we can talk Grandpa Russell into it....

Daniel couldn't stop talking about shooting this one!

Travis and Sam, for some reason, got a real kick out of this. Don't I look completely natural with an AK-47?!

I wish I had a picture of Colton (my nephew) shooting, but the dads didn't get one for me. However, all three boys had a blast! Literally.

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