12 April 2011

A Little More Fun from OK

You know, I probably should have titled this "Tons More from OK." But that title sounded downright scary. Oh, well. It is what it is. So here goes....

Here, we're about to eat at the largest McDonald's (in the world?) - it spans the highway near Tulsa.

The boys chillin' with some ice cream after playing games at Incredible Pizza.

Jen and I loved watching the girls put on jewelry and shoes!

Having fun in Uncle Sam's boat!

This is the little guy we met at the Wilderness Drive-thru Safari and petting farm in Arkansas.
He's a 7 week-old baboon.

While we were in Oklahoma, it was really neat to see how God has blessed Sam and Jennifer's hard work and their desire to bring others to Christ. Three years ago, they founded a Free Will Baptist missions church in Grove. The Lord has blessed them with a building of their own and over eighty in attendance on most Sundays. Forgive me if this sounds like a "missions report," but I'm excited for them!

On Monday, Jen and I met with a small group of ladies for their monthly Young Mom's Bible Study. It was a blessing to see how Sam and Jen have counseled, discipled, and led those ladies and their families - and to hear from those ladies own mouths how their lives are changing! So if you're looking to add a missionary family to your prayer list, consider Sam and Jennifer.

Here's Sam in front of the church.

Jen teaches the Wednesday night children's class. My boys took the place of two regulars who were absent that night.

We really enjoyed being in the services with them on Sunday!

Now, I have to admit that we dreaded driving with three children halfway across the country. However, it was worth getting the families together. And you know what? Driving was not as horrible as I had envisioned. (Especially since Travis decided to let us get a hotel on the way back. Whew!) In fact, driving helped the boys develop a better concept of just how vast and varied our country really is. And now that they have an inkling of that concept, I hope to happily put them on a plane next time!

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