03 March 2011

IF I had a hammer...

This evening I did something that, I hope, will reap plentiful returns in the days to come.

I taught Thomas how to change the batteries in a toy! Woohoo!

Not that I do much battery changing at my house. That job would fall on my Dad. I know. Pretty sorry of me, huh? Since my parents started keeping the kids for me a couple of days a week, that has become my Dad's calling card around here. I come home from working in the library, and I can tell that he's been at my house all day, because every single toy is now flashing, beeping, rolling, and singing. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Did I mention that I don't like changing batteries?

I really think, though, it's more than just the noise-maker aversion that I have. It's actually more of an aversion to tools of any sort. That's why when I changed the overhead bathroom lightbulb (that requires using a screwdriver) the other day, my husband acted completely shocked. Very pleased, but shocked, nonetheless.

I'm pretty sure this aversion goes all the way back to when I was in the tenth grade. That's the first time I can remember using a hammer (in the way it's supposed to be used). My geometry class had to BUILD, from scratch, a miniature golf course in the gymnasium. From that point on, I think I just developed this association between tools and math. That would make both of them very bad things. (Don't tell Thomas. He likes math. I'm the one that cried when I found out that even English teachers-to-be have to take math in college. Yes, I cried. Seriously.)

So, anyways, the aversion continued into adulthood. I was slightly broken of it when I married into my husband's family. They are some of the most tool-lovin' people I know. (Did I mention that my sister-in-law is a MATH teacher by trade? Uh-huh. See?) Not many years after we were married, when my in-law's were building their screened-in porch, my husband and I drove over there one afternoon so he could help with the construction. I brought my bathing suit because I thought the ladies would be spending the afternoon by the pool. Boy, was I wrong. No sooner had I arrived, and Grandpa Joe handed me a paint brush and told me to get busy. I recall telling him "Oh, I don't paint." (I cringe now when I think about that. But it was true. I had never used a paintbrush!) He looked at me pretty incredulously (I'm pretty sure he laughed at me, as well) and said something like "Well, today you are!" I know he was wondering what kind of lazy bum his grandson had married! But, paint I did, and, surprisingly, I've even helped Travis a few times since then! Needless to say, my aversion to tools was somewhat overcome that day. But not enough to start walking around my house with a screwdriver in hand.

Which is exactly why it's time for the six-year old to start learning how to use some basic tools! So this evening, we had some fun learning about batteries and "Tighty righty, Lefty loosey." The less I have to touch a screwdriver, the better! :)


  1. This made me laugh out loud several times while reading! I could hear you saying "Oh I don't paint". Thanks for the laugh today!

  2. Loved this because I could so identify. I have been known to throw away toys instead of replacing the batteries. I have no idea about the different types of screwdrivers. Wayne doesn't even try to teach me anymore. After all, it has been more than 30 years and I haven't gotten it yet. I also went crazy when I found out that I needed math in college. As a matter of fact, I still haven't finished my degree because I obsess over math. It's hard to believe that I do all the accounting at the church and school. And I love the "I don't paint" comment. When we need painting done, I usually go away for a week while Wayne paints. It has made our marriage work!LOL!

    Keep blogging...I love to read them!

  3. That must be why we always got along so well, Debbie! We have so much in common! lol