30 December 2010

Our Christmas Snoop

I love this look of surprise and delight on Daniel's face.

Does he really know exactly which toy it is?

Will he really like it?

Well, I think the better question is "Is he really surprised?"

You see, the word on the street (or at least at Grandma's house) is that we have a Christmas snoop in our house. It seems that someone went snooping in mommy and daddy's room. And just happened to see under the bed (by accident). And just happened to see the Imaginext Batcave that Daniel has been staring at longingly in the toy magazine. And, well, might have acci
dentally told Daniel what he was getting for Christmas. Then the little snoop confessed it all to Grandma.

And there he is. The snoop.

So was Daniel really surprised? Knowing Daniel, he might have forgotten what he was getting. I guess we'll never know.

But I guess I'd better start looking for a better hiding place for presents - because wrapping them as soon as I get them is not going to happen. The joys of Christmas! :)

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