23 November 2010

A pink what?

Lately, Daniel has been on a "new word" kick. He loves to find a brand-new word and use it often. He now tells me to "put a question mark in the book so we remember what page we're on!" and "watch my new parati moves!" (At first I thought he might have seen that Italian tenor, but no, he had just watched Kung Fu Panda with his cousin). We just never know what new word he's going to attempt.
Well, I discovered at Addie's birthday party that it seemed she had gotten more than pink toys and cute clothes. As she smeared the cupcake all over her face, he shouted, "OH, NO! SHE GOT ICING ON HER TATOO!" So apparently my one-year old daughter has a tatoo? Well, I guess that sounds right --if the Harley ridin' dude is wearing a pink tutu. At least according to my four-year old's logic. So now I'm very skeptical about what Daniel tells me. And I'm just waiting for him to meet the child on the playground with the very, shall we say, "colorful" vocabulary. Because Daniel loves new words. And Daniel loves to try them out in front of large crowds. So, if you're talking to Daniel, please don't believe a word he says. Because we do not watch the Three Tenors re-runs on PBS OR patronize the local tatoo parlor. (Okay, only one of those is entirely true, and I think you know which one!)

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